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Heat precautions being taken for Independence Day activities


The 4th of July holiday approaches and it feels like it.

Temperatures are expected to be in the upper 90s for the next several days.

A Heat Advisory is in effect until next weekend.

That means you'll need to take extra precautions if you plan to be outside for any period of time this week.

In Shell Rock, thousands come from all around for the concerts, the carnival, and the fireworks on the 4th.

But if you're going there - or to any fireworks show - you'll want to have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages handy.

Ben Stone helps organize Shell Rock's annual 4th of July celebration.

This year, he's keeping tabs on the heat - along with every other detail.

"Hey, it's in the mid 90's, it's high humidity, it's gonna be a fun event. There's gonna be a lot of people and it's right here on the street so it's going to be a little warmer. Gotta stay hydrated, drink lots of water. I tell my kids, every 30 minutes, hey, did you get a drink?" said Stone.

The carnival is a favorite place for families to spend some time on a summer day.

But water bottles aren't far away and for parents like Riley Sullivan, there's only a limited time their little ones can play.

"I'm only letting her ride 2 rides because it's so hot out here. With the heat, she doesn't even want to eat anything at home so I don't want her to get heat exhaustion or anything," said Sullivan.

Refreshment stands will be a busy place over the next few days.

Tom Rhoades stand offers lots of Kool-Aid - among other refreshments.

He gets to test it and sell it.

He expects to be very busy.

"The temperatures usually don't affect people having fun. People want to have fun. They'll go out no matter the temperature, whether it's 100 degrees or 50 degrees," said Rhoades.

Ice probably won't last long in the heat.

And there's not much relief when there are no clouds.

But this is just one more summertime festival where it's small town Iowa at its best.

"It's great. Everybody comes. You meet neighbors you've never met before. I've heard from three different people, 'my grandma used to live in your house.' I don't even know these people. I just love it and the fact that a community can pull together and put on something like this," said Stone.

As for Wednesday's fireworks show, all systems are go area-wide.

No burn bans are in effect at this point, though fire officials are concerned about the dry weather causing a higher threat of a fire taking place.

Only sparklers are legal in Iowa and fire officials say they are one of the most common causes of the more than 7000 injuries each year due to fireworks.

They advise you to watch professional fireworks shows because they are closely monitored by professionals and local firefighters.

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