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Working in the heat


On days with temperatures reaching in the 90s, many folks choose to stay inside.  But many Iowa workers do not have that luxury.  Jack Fisher, a road construction supervisor, started the day early and prepared his crew for the conditions.

"We just make sure we got lots of water on the job and you know, we just kind of monitor the conditions.  If it gets too bad we'll quit early or you know, the guys can take breaks. Get in the shade," said Fisher.

Landscapers are another group of workers suffering through the heat and sun.  Jason Comer, foreman for Matthias Landscaping, spent the morning outside and noticed his crews work pace slowing.

"We get going through the day, we get pretty hot. We just pray the boss will let us off a little earlier," Comer said.

Ice is in big demand during a heat wave. Henry Schares, who delivers ice to area businesses, has noticed an increase in his deliveries.

"A lot of people have been calling in for pallets, big pallets of ice to put in their freezers so they can restock when they run out.  A lot of people are running out," said Schares.

You would think being an ice delivery man would be an ideal job on hot days. But Schares believes getting out of the cooler into the heat again is torture.

"Absolutely terrible. Absolutely awful. It's the worse," Schares said.


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