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SYSK: Family tradition of fire service in Ossian


"I said madam president I'd like you to call for motion and second to call for my resignation from the department," said Evroul Beckman.

Beckman officially retired from the Ossian Fire Department in May.

"55 years right to the day," he said.

He was asked to join the department in 1957.

"I said sure I'll do that," said Evroul Beckman.

Beckman worked his way up, serving as department secretary.

"The more I did the more I got interested so it wasn't hard to stay on," he said.

As he spent more time at the fire station, so did his son, Dale.

"Some dads or sons go fishing and golfing, and I guess this was our outing," said Dale Beckman.

Dale Beckman became a firefighter at age 18. He's served 35 years. Also joining the department at 18, Evroul's grandson and Dale's son, Tim.

"Just growing up with it, it was the easy choice to join," said Tim Beckman.

Tim Beckman has volunteered for 13 years.

"It's an honor to serve on three generations. I don't think there's too many departments that can say that," said Tim Beckman.

Evroul Beckman is also proud of the family's tradition of service to the community.

"It's quite an accomplishment not even trying because it's such a natural for us to do," he said.

But at age 80, Evroul said it's time to leave the fire fighting to his son, grandson and the other 26 volunteers.

"I think at age 80, you don't need to be climbing a ladder with a big hose and trying to put out a fire," said Evroul Beckman.

Still, his 55 years of service hasn't gone unnoticed. In 1985, he earned the Governor's Award for service, and the department gave him an award for his retirement.

"On behalf of the department, I want to thank Evroul for 55 years he's done for us," said Ossian Fire Chief Dennis Holien.

55 years down for Evroul, and 48 years and counting for his son and grandson combined.

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