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Scammer targets at least one elderly Dubuque woman


Dubuque police say an elderly women phoned to report a scam in which the caller had part of her checking account number.

In a release to the media Thursday afternoon, Lt. Scott Baxter said an elderly Dubuque woman contacted the department, saying somebody called her and claimed to be with Medicare or some similar-sounding organization. The caller recited part of the woman's checking account to her and asked for additional personal information. The woman declined to provide the information and decided instead to call the Dubuque Police Department. The caller had left her with a "customer service" number of 1-800-737-2818.

A quick Google search of the number reveals multiple complaints of fraud, plus a company who claims that number, called Blue Coverme.

Baxter said he called the number and was put on hold for several seconds before the call disconnected.

"This is the first I've heard of scammers calling with account information that, in some cases, makes the potential victim believe it's legit," Baxter said.

The Dubuque Police Department encourages anybody who believes they have been targeted by a scam to contact the department at 563.589.4410.

"Regardless of the nature of the scam, what ploy they use, what they're telling you, always take a few minutes to try and verify the legitimacy of the company, how they got your information," Baxter said. "Just start asking questions. A lot of times, you'll be met with some resistance and sometimes some agitation, even."

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