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Police warn about home improvement scams


It was just like any other day for Edna Shipp. The doorbell rang, and she opened the door.

"The culprit came in the door and dashed past me. I don't know how he missed the fan there. He came in here like he meant business," said Shipp.

The two men wanted to power wash the outside of Shipp's house. One of them let himself in and sat at the kitchen table. That's when he started asking questions about Shipp's finances.

"As I was telling him I got to thinking you aren't to have that.  It's my life savings. But he did," said Shipp.

As one man talked to Shipp in the kitchen, she could hear the other man outside, using her hose to run water against the house.

In a matter of minutes, the men left with thousands of dollars, before Shipp had a chance to think about it.

"When I did it I thought in my mind is this right? 24 hundred dollars? That much money? What did they do? Nothing! No service," said Shipp.

Unfortunately, the two men cashed Shipp's check. Waverly police are now looking for the men..

They say peddlers like this need to have a permit with the city in order to do this kind of work.

"You can actually check with those individuals and say I want to see your permit to do this. They should be carrying one with them at all times and if they don't produce it, that's an easy way to turn them away," said Captain Jason Leonard, Waverly Police Department.

As for Shipp she hopes no one else has to go through this.

"It takes time to heal. Money can be replaced, but I still have my life. That's the way I have to look at it," said Shipp.

Waverly police say they heard the same story in Cedar Falls. Right now they are trying to see if the two are connected.

If you know any information about these men please contact police.

For prevention tip: http://iowa.bbb.org/Consumer-Tips/


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