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Your pets and the heat


With these hot, humid days pets are feeling the heat.  Alan Malone, volunteer coordinator for the Cedar Bend Humane Society, has seen his share of pets left out in the heat for too long.  He says the symptoms are easy to recognize.

"Dehydration is obviously going to be the biggest thing. If they're going to consistently bark, they're going to get over heated. They're going to be excessive panting to actually cool them down. Without any sort of way to regulate their own temperature, their inner organs and core temperatures are just going to continue to increase, heatstroke and could lead to death," said Alan.

One deadly mistake pet owners can make is leaving pets inside cars on these hot days. The interior of a car can reach temperatures as warm as 200 degrees in minutes which can lead to hyperthermia for humans and pets.  Malone says that cracking a window does very little to cool down your vehicle. 

"If it reaches 90 degrees and you have your windows cracked open, it's still going to reach 108 degrees. There is not going to be significant air movement going through the car to really cool it down," Alan Malone said.  If you have to leave an animal in a car, leave the vehicle running with the air conditioner on.

For your outdoor pets, the shade will not offer complete relief. Water is actually the best weapon for your pet during extreme heat.

"Anybody with outside pets are going to need to make sure that they have sufficient water throughout the day. They're going to need that to be able to regulate their own body temperature," said Alan.

A kiddie pool is a inexpensive and entertaining way to keep pets cool during these long summer months says Malone.

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