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Dubuque school board 'going it alone' in superintendent search


In the search for a superintendent of Dubuque Community Schools, board members say they're going it alone.

In past superintendent searches, the school board has paid a company to help conduct the process. However, board president Craig Beytien said, experiences with such outside companies have proven unsatisfactory. The board isn't worried about attracting candidates.

"I think the general feeling is that most people in the Midwest will know this position's available. Dubuque's kind of a star on the hill," Beytien said. "It won't be too difficult to get people's attention."

He said board members are open to looking at candidates from within the district as well as out-of-town applicants.

"I do think there's a slight predisposition to having somebody from the Midwest, who understands a little bit about our culture and our people," Beytien said. "Ideally, they should have a knowledge of Iowa law, as it comes to finance and so on and so forth."

However, Beytien said, geography is not as important as other factors.

"More than anything else, this person has to be a real leader and has to be able to walk into a room and say, 'Who's with me?' and everybody follows and be able to communicate that in a way that's meaningful," Beytien said.

He did mention there are, "some very talented people within the district, and I'd be more than happy with any number of those individuals who want to step forward."

The district's human resources department director, Stan Rheingans, is the district's acting superintendent right now.

Beytien said the board plans on appointing an interim superintendent from within the district at its meeting next Wednesday.

The superintendent job posting will open July 1. Beytien said the board will accept applications for about a month and hopefully narrow down the list of top candidates by late August or early September.

"I mean, you think about the qualifications. You have to, you know, have experience as a principal. You have to have an endorsement by the state to be a superintendent, so it's not for the faint of heart or for someone who's not prepared to kind of step into the breach," Beytien said.

The school board used a company in the search for Dr. Larie Godinez, the district's most recent superintendent, who resigned after the school board formally cited a lack of staff confidence in her.

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