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Ron Paul wins the majority of Iowa's Republican delegates


While those on the left cheered on the President at the Iowa's Democratic Party state convention, emotions ran high at the Republican Party's convention Saturday.

Two passionate factions spent the day bickering about whom they should support at the national convention.

In the end, Ron Paul supporters dominated the final delegate count-- even though Paul isn't actively campaigning for the presidential nomination any more.

At least 21 of the 28 delegates backed Paul, who came in third in the iowa caucuses.

 "I think there's a lot of accusation going on. That is needless," Angie Davidson of the Republican Party said at the state convention. "I believe they should be able to vote who they want to vote for especially since we truly don't have a nominee yet."

The party's delegates are "unbound" - meaning even though Iowans voted Rick Santorum as the winner of the caucuses, delegates can still vote for whomever they want at the national convention.

Paul's supporters turned out in force at the state convention.

Some republicans tried to pass an amendment that would require delegates to declare who they would support before the national convention to make sure delegates would support Mitt Romney.

It, however, failed.

Paul Backers say they aren't trying to embarrass the Republican Party of Iowa at the convention, but some Republicans fear a Paul uprising could endanger Iowa's first in the nation status in four years.

"A third individual, who came in distant third, could actually can carry a majority of votes at the national convention—is a tragedy. And it really causes people in RNC to question whether Iowa should be the first in the nation caucus state," Jamie Johnson of the Republican Party said.

Santorum won the caucuses by just 34 votes.

Romney placed second with 24 percent of the vote.

Paul came in at third place with 21 percent.

Just next door, Iowa Democrats held a much calmer state convention.  Their focus was centered on the goal of re-electing President Barack Obama.

The featured speaker was Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Patrick urged Iowans to stand up for what they believe in and get the message out - that the President believes in a common cause "to make our country a better place to live".

Patrick called Republicans "power hungry", instead of "principal heavy".

The state party's leaders say while republicans bickered about whom to support, they cheered for their candidate.

"Superior organization. We absolutely believe that's the pathway to victory." Democrat Sue Dvorsky said.  "You feel here smell that kind of enthusiasm everyone here knows what work is everyone here prepared to do it."

Iowa democrats had 588 delegates at Saturday's convention - that's 50 percent of the number allowed.

Republicans had 1624 delegates, which is 65 percent of the amount eligible.

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