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Dangerous speeding in road work zones


The seven mile stretch on Highway 20/380 has gotten a little tricky. So tricky, that Matt Hansen with the Iowa State Patrol has no problem making sure the drivers aren't going too fast.

Thursday morning KWWL spent an hour with the Iowa State Patrol to see if people were obeying the speed limit in a work zone.

"They are really obeying the speed today," said Hansen.

After about 15 minutes Hansen clocked a driver going 60 in a 55 road work zone.

The driver is Chris Payton. He travels this stretch of road every day for work.

"I didn't think I was speeding that fast, but obviously I was," said Payton.

He was only going five over so Trooper Hansen just gave him a warning, but that's enough of a wake up call for Payton.

"I apologize. Sorry to the workers and community for speeding through here. I will pay more attention now for sure," said Payton.

"It's all about the safety of construction workers. They are risking his or her life out here so I have no sympathy at all for people who don't respect the speed limit when they are out here working," said Hansen.

Payton didn't have to pay a fine Thursday, but if he would have been caught speeding in a road work zone he would have had to pay more than double.

"A speeding ticket is $114, nothing to sneeze at. You add in the road work zone, and it jumps it up to $262.50," said Hansen.

Checking your speed in a work zone is important, but so is checking the distance between you and the car in front of you. Hansen says to remember the three second rule.

"Drive that seven mile stretch like you're 16 with a drivers ed instructor right next to you and you're trying to pass a final exam," said Hansen.


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