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Hudson motel could face business license suspension


A Hudson motel could face suspension of its business license.  The Black Hawk County Health Department's been investigating problems at three long-term stay rooms at the Skyline Motel, resulting from a major sewer back-up a few weeks ago.

Linda Grey and her husband Daniel have lived in this apartment at the Hudson Skyline Motel for eight years.  Aside from a few past problems, it's been an adequate place for them to live, until a few weeks ago.

"We had water and sewage everywhere.  It ran into our bedroom from the bathroom.  It came up through our kitchen floor, went into this room, came half way out into the living room.  I mean when you walked across the carpet, it just splashed," Grey said.

Grey did her best to clean up the mess with no help from the property owners.  So she reported her concerns about the sewer situation to the city of Hudson.  Building inspector Mike Miller checked out the apartment, and then called the health department.  That's because the sewer back-up and other past plumbing problems created an awful, lingering smell and layers of black mold.

"It's frustrating.  This could be a viable business, but it doesn't seem they want to make the effort," said Miller.     

The property owners did have the sewer line cleaned out and repaired.  But so far, they have not complied with the health department's demands to have the affected units professionally cleaned.  So it's urging the Greys to move out -- fast.  But that's easier said than done.

"We're stuck.  We've got to move, and we have a place to move, but we don't have the finance to do it," said Grey.

It's concerning more so since the Greys are both disabled, and staying in the apartment will only make their health problems worse.  So they're waiting in limbo -- hoping to leave their problematic apartment behind soon.

As for the motel itself, the Greys hope it gets shut down completely.  It's an option being weighed by the health department right now.

The motel owner did not want to go on camera.  But he told us, "I tried to run this business, and I failed."

The owner claims he's six-months behind on mortgage payments and doesn't have money to have the problem apartments cleaned. 

The health department says if the problems are not addressed soon, it will proceed with actions to suspend the property's business license, and ultimately, it could revoke the license all-together.


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