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SYSK: Judy Egeland keeps things blooming in Postville


Flowers, trees and other plants are in full bloom at the Postville Community Garden. The garden started about 12 years ago.

Judy Egeland pushed for the project through the diversity council in town.

"I just think it's something that brings people together," said Judy Egeland.

She was right, people from all religions and countries, including Guatemala, Mexico and the Ukraine, all have spots in the community garden. The space used to be the city landfill, then a softball field.

Egeland said the extension office helped with grants to buy tools and seeds the first year. Now, there's room for 40 different plots.

"So 40 different people have the advantage of home grown food," said Egeland.

One area is designated as the children's garden, which is a partnership with the local 4-H club.

Judy Egeland said it's nice to get the kids excited about gardening (and about eating fresh vegetables) at an early age.

The grandma also started gardening at a young age, getting her own garden in fourth grade.

"I've had a garden ever since then," she said.

In 1989, Egeland became a master gardener.

"It gives you a freedom. Even when I was working, I'd come home from work and go in the front door tired and I could go out the back door and if I was mad that day I could take out on the weeds, and if I was happy we could pick strawberries," said Egeland.

Come spring, Egeland's itching to get back out at the garden, assigning plots to people and seeing what blooms.

From peaches to radishes, there's lots of good growing at the Postville Community Garden this year.

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