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Pizza with a purpose: Raising money for Taylor Morris


Deborah Raymond and her husband came to Tony's on Cedar Falls Main Street Friday night hungry for pizza, but it wasn't just the pepperoni that drew them downtown-- they're here to help a hometown hero.

"With our son being in the military also, and he's going to be deployed after Thanksgiving time, you just hope and pray each and every one of the men and women come back... the way they went over," said Raymond.

One month ago, U.S. Navy petty officer Taylor Morris lost portions of both of his legs, his left arm, and his right hand, while serving in Afghanistan. He's keeping family and friends updated on his status through a website, and says recovery is going as well as can be expected.

"For many people, you'd think that's the end. But I have this gut feeling that, for him, it's not. It's just a next challenge," said Trevor McCormack, a high school classmate of Morris.

When McCormack heard about the accident, he immediately began brainstorming ways to help.

"It just popped in my mind, since I work at Tony's, it'd be a good place to have an event like this," he said.

McCormack has already raised more than $500 collecting free-will donations Thursday night. Customers can include cash or a check in a special envelope at their table now through Sunday. Also on Sunday, all of the servers at Tony's La Pizzeria will donate their tips toward Morris' recovery.

"Actually, there wasn't a single person who said no. Everybody jumped right on and was willing to help out," said McCormack.

McCormack hasn't set a fundraising goal -- he's grateful for any amount people want to give. Folks like the Raymond's are happy to help such a courageous sailor any way they can.

"You always think of it as, it's someone else. Or it doesn't hit home. Very easily could it be my son or someone else's son. So you need to support. Let them know we care," said McCormack.

Tony's La Pizzeria fundraiser for Morris continues now through Sunday night. On Sunday, the restaurant opens at 4:00 PM, and will stay open as late as people want to eat and donate.

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