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Marinades 101 from our Fareway dietitian


Marinades 101

· A marinade by definition is a mix of oil, acids, aromatics and/or spices

· Oil

 --olive oil, canola; allows flavors to penetrate meat

· Acid

 --vinegar, lemon juice, citrus juice, wine, apple juice, kiwi, pineapple, lime juice

 --tenderizer - breaks down connective tissue

 --you can over tenderize meat. It turns a white-ish color and becomes mushy

 --need to think of what kind of meat you're using. Is it tough or tender?

· Aromatics

 --"having a pleasant and distinctive smell"

--Onions, garlic, herbs, spices, celery, zest, ginger



· Avoid sugar - it burns on the grill

· Plan for ~ ¼ cup of marinade per 1 pound of meat

· To tenderize: marinade 4 hours to overnight

· For flavor: 15 minutes to 2 hours (don't go past two hours)

· Only taste marinade before you add meat

· Discard any remaining marinade

· If you're short on time, cut meat into small chunks and marinade for about 20 minutes

· Pat dry w/ paper towel when ready to grill to avoid sticking


Mixture of dry seasonings

Flavor only, not tenderizer

Make in bulk and store in old container

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