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Blum & Lange drum up support at My Waterloo Days


Hundreds of families gathered in downtown Waterloo Friday night for the annual My Waterloo Days parade.

For some people, the parade is about more than music and floats. Local politicians are using the route as a final path toward Tuesday's primary election. The republican candidates for the 1st District of Iowa came with shirts, signs, and a smile.

"This is a great opportunity to meet with folks, shake their hand, introduce yourself to them," said Ben Lange.

"The best part of politics is being with the citizens and the people. I love it, absolutely love it," noted Rod Blum.

The parade is one of the last chances Blum and Lange have to drum up support before Tuesday, when republicans choose a candidate to take on Representative Bruce Braley.

"Shoe leather matters. Going face-to-face, talking with people, shaking their hand, so they can look me in the eye, know what you stand for, know what your principles are. Iowans expect that, as an Iowan, I expect that," said Lange.

"I don't think you can be seen enough. I'm a new face, I'm a career business man, not a career politician, nor do I want to be. So I think it's impossible that they see you and see that I'm a real authentic genuine guy," said Blum.

Their future opponent says, he's focused on the parade, not on politics.

"I've always believed the best way to get elected is by doing my job. So I spend most of my time focusing on the work people care about and I let the politics take care of itself," said Braley.

Both Blum and Lange are hoping their appearance in Waterloo Friday, and at similar events this weekend, will leave a lasting impression on voters.

"I'm trying to serve the country, I think I'm doing it for the right reasons," said Blum.

"We've put the time in, we've put the energy in. And that's what it takes to win the election," added Lange.

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