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Health Plus: Diabetes complications serious for one local man


All it takes is one health problem to happen and the fallout can be unexpected and debilitating.

That's the case for one eastern Iowan who went from a diabetes diagnosis to an infection and eventual amputation.

In Health Plus, his message for others.

Michael Douglas may have the name of a celebrity.

But his experience with health problems has been anything but a Hollywood ending.

"I had to go on disability because I was having a hard time walking and then all of a sudden we found underneath my toe there was a sore," he said.

Not only does he have diabetes, Michael had a stroke a couple years ago then got an infection last year that led to a leg amputation.

"Ended up causing me to lose half my foot and that wouldn't heal so then I had to get my leg amputated," he said. 

Thanks to Covenant Medical Center's Outpatient Rehabilitation in Waterloo, Michael has progressed from a wheelchair to a cane when he's able.

"He's been doing great. He's been meeting and exceeding goals, just having to establish new goals for him that he's breaking all the time. Just seeing a huge difference in his attitude and endurance," said his physical therapist, Kate Mercuris.

Twice a week sessions helped Michael return to work after a medical leave.

"You know when we first started he was only able to walk a few feet, now he's doing laps around the gym and tolerating it very well," she said. 

Michael admits he didn't always take good care of himself--so he doesn't want others to make the same mistake.

"You just can't eat all the stuff that's so good to us. The greasy, fried food, the fatty food-you gotta be pretty careful about what you do," he said. 

One nice touch, when Michael was able to return to work--he received a standing ovation from his co-workers for all he's accomplished in rehab and for his positive attitude.

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