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Volunteer travels across U.S. to lend a hand


You could say Rod Hamer is pretty well traveled.

"Louisiana, Alabama, to Virginia," said Hamer.

He has been there not necessarily for vacation, but to volunteer with the red cross.

Hamer says it was during the floods 2008 when he was encouraged to lend a helping hand beyond Iowa.

"Every state was represented with volunteers coming here to the Cedar Valley helping us and it was just amazing," said Hamer.

Hamer is the master chef when it comes to bringing food to families in need, during a crisis.

"I was in Charles City, Virginia. Last year we served 600 people," said Hamer.

The truck also provides the basic essential.

"I had a situation last December where a person jumped out of the house and everything was gone. He has bare feet so we got him boots on his feet and we got him a coat," said Hamer.

And to Hamer, being able to bring this vehicle and comfort to someone in need is fulfilling enough.

"When the red cross comes to help whether it is a local fire or national disaster, people are really stressed out. So if we can just bring them some various essential kinds of things like food, water, sometimes give them money for clothes or shelter it helps out a lot," said Hamer.

If you would like to find volunteer opportunities:  http://www.vccv.org/


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