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Peregrine chicks banded in Des Moines


Iowa's newest peregrine falcons were banded in Des Moines Wednesday.

Three chicks nesting downtown at the top of the American Republic Building were banded to keep track of them as they grow.

Peregrine falcons were once an endangered species due in large part to pesticides used on crops, but in the past two decades, much of the population has been restored.

Now there are 16 nesting pairs in cities throughout the state and along the cliffs in northeast Iowa.

"They are a great connection to a biological indicator species that essentially indicates the health of our environment... When they're here, we're co-existing with something that was here through the millenia. It's great to have them back in Des Moines," Pat Schlarbaum of the Iowa DNR said.

After banding, the chicks were returned to their nest.

Iowa DNR experts said the babies will lose their fluffy feathers in a few days.  They'll take their first flight in the next few weeks.

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