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Jefferson High School lip dub video garnering attention


It's one of the latest crazes taking the Internet by storm. From a man's choreographed wedding proposal seen by more than eight million viewers on YouTube and now to the halls of Jefferson High School in Cedar Rapids, the lip dubbing movement continues to gain momentum.

"They started coming up with all these ideas and it kind of grew into this school wide thing," said Andrew Eley, facilitator of an end of the year school music video.

Students and staff wanted to create an end of the year video showcasing Jefferson pride.

They came up with a production that did just that, already garnering hundreds of views on YouTube in just a matter of hours.

"It's so unique.  It's not a slide show and it really shows the personalities of the kids in the school," Eley said.

The video combines lip syncing with audio dubbing, showcasing more than 200 students involved in some 60 organizations.

From beginning to end the video is shot in one take and in this case, with very little choreography.

"Some of it was planned, maybe a couple singers or dancers here or there, but a lot of it was kind of made up on the fly," said Bradley Patience, a freshman at Jefferson.

And the end result is something the students are proud of.

"Jefferson pride.  Each student took it upon themselves to go out there that day and rock it out," Patience said.

Quite the way to end the school year with the whole world watching.

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