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Mother of Isaiah Sweet speaks out


Many people want to know why 17-year-old Isaiah Sweet would want to kill his grandparents.

Wednesday, in a exclusive interview with KWWL, Isaiah Sweet's mother, Stacy Sweet, gave KWWL a glimpse of Sweet family dynamics, which perhaps could be the foundation for a possible defense.   

His mother says he may have been the victim of abuse. Stacy Sweet claims her son was abused by his grandparents both emotionally and physically. She says Isaiah told her that his grandfather had threatened to kill him.

"He wasn't an angry kid until he pushed and he was pushed," said Stacy Sweet.

The past couple of days for Stacy Sweet have been confusing to say the least. The son she loves is charged with the murder of her father Rick Sweet and her stepmother Janet Sweet.

On Saturday night, Stacy got a call from Iowa City Police. They arrested Isaiah for violating curfew. She talked to Isaiah that night and he was released to an 18-year-old friend. She knew nothing about the murders that had taken place.

"He was talking with his friends and he said I'm not going back there so I assumed he wasn't going back there because he was afraid because he had taken the truck," said Stacy.

Stacy says she had filed a lawsuit against her father regarding money from a trust she hadn't received. She said that didn't sit well with her father and he would take his anger out on Isaiah. She says Rick Sweet even threatened Isaiah's life.

"I told him to barricade his door and put his chair under his door and make sure he had something in his room to defend himself," said Stacy.

Stacy Sweet says she doesn't know exactly why her son killed his grandparents. She says that's not the son she knows.

"I love my son and I know his heart and he's not a bad person. And I know that he loved them and if he hurt them I just don't think it was done out of anger and I think it was done out of confusion and just wanting it to stop. He was backed into a corner and he didn't feel any way out," Stacy said.

Isaiah Sweet had lived with his grandparents since he was three years old. Stacy Sweet had just moved to Pittsburgh in September and was going to have him come live with her when she got on her feet.

On Sunday, the Manchester Police Department responded to a 911 call from 109 Deann Drive in Manchester. When they arrived at the home officers found the bodies of Janet Sweet and Richard Sweet inside the residence. Law enforcement officials say the couple died sometime Friday night from gunshot wounds.

Isaiah Sweet is charged with two counts of first degree murder.

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