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SYSK: Denver sixth grader is a technology pro


Denver sixth grader Karter Krueger has a passion for technology.

"He's interested, and that's what we find with students who find that passion. They really take it to the next level and he definitely has, and he's one of the nicest students we have in the school," said Denver Schools Superintendent Kathy Enslin.

Enslin says Karter loves technology so much, he even applied for an open IT position at the school.

"He actually offered to come out of his study hall and be the tech person for the school district, so I brought him in, and he did a formal interview," said Enslin.

While Karter didn't get the full-time job, he does spend a lot of his study hall time in the server room helping out.

"He's just amazing. He really has not had that much formal training. His Uncle Chris happens to be our fifth grade teacher and he is also our technology teacher, so he has a little family connection in knowing how to do some things, but I would imagine Karter might even be past that level by quite a bit," said Enslin.

Karter said he's always been interested in technology.

"When we watched family video at home, I was always looking or watching where the wires went," said Karter Krueger.

His other passion -- taking stuff apart and trying to fix it.

"If there's a DVD player that wasn't working, I take it apart and replace the motor. On this Nintendo wii that is our friend's, I took it apart and found out the problem was a disc drive so I ordered a new one," said Krueger.

Karter also helped out the superintendent.

"I just bought a new Apple TV at home, and I didn't know how to install it so Karter came over and installed it," said Enslin.

Right now, Karter's working on a web site for the school's preschool program. And even though he lives in a house with seven computers, all he wants for his birthday in July is another computer.

In the future, Karter Krueger hopes to be a computer programmer or maybe work for a school district as an IT operator.

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