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Choking game concerns in one eastern Iowa district


One eastern Iowa school district is trying to put a stop to a dangerous game that kids have been playing.

It's called the choking game.

Monday night the Maquoketa Middle School principal sent out a message over the phone to

middle school parents that said, "Today we had a serious incident with a few students involving a risky activity called the choking game."

"Our principals just notified parents, saying it was an emerging issue, and that there would be a link with additional information on our website, because in a soundbite on an automated calling system you simply can't cover it all," said Superintendent Kim Huckstadt, Maquoketa School District.

This is the video posted on the website, it's graphic, but this is what kids were showing

off at school.

Basically the "game" cuts off blood and oxygen to the brain. Superintendent Huckstadt says even though the video is disturbing, parents should watch.

"You have to weigh, are you causing unnecessary alarm, or are you providing important information?" Huckstadt said.

He tells us it's not a matter he'll take lightly.

The thing they don't often realize it's a very dangerous and risky behavior.

The choking game can cause brain damage, death and bone fractures from falling.

So getting the word out there is what the district plans to do, despite criticism the video is too graphic.

"What we wanted to do was come down on the side of safety, and saying we would rather be criticized for being more proactive, for providing additional information to parents about this, than for the other side of the realm," said Huckstadt.

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