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SYSK: Wapsie Valley student sells bracelets for more technology


Almost every student in Taylor Anderson's fifth grade classroom at Wapsie Valley Elementary in Readlyn wears a paracord bracelet. 11-year-old Jacob Risse makes the bracelets.

"I can make one in about four minutes now," said Jacob Risse.

He got the idea at a vendor show. Jacob thought he could make something similar and sell it as a fundraiser for his class.

"He said I think I want to donate the money I make to get you new books for your classroom. I was just floored by the idea a student would say that to me," said teacher Taylor Anderson.

The bracelets are five dollars each. After making $65 in one day, Jacob decided to put the book idea on the back burner and instead try for an I-Pad. He got one.

"I told Jacob I totally understand if you want to have this for yourself and he said no, no, this is for you and the classroom," said Anderson.

"My mom already had an I-Pad, so I didn't need one and it feels better to give to someone else than yourself," said Risse.

"I asked him what I can do to thank him and he said just use it in class, and this is the gift that keeps on giving. I'll be able to use it every year," said Taylor Anderson.

A local technology company - ACES in cedar falls - was so impressed, employees collected money and gave Jacob a $600 check to be put toward technology purposes at Wapsie Valley Elementary.

And that's not all.

The bracelets aren't just a fashion statement. The paracord bracelets can be taken apart and turned into rope to be used in a survival situation.

"There's about eight to ten foot of string in it so if you get stranded anywhere you can take it out and at least have something to tie together," said Jacob Risse.

The class recently read the book Hatchet, which Jacob said got him thinking about survival techniques.

In just more than a month, Jacob Risse and his classmates have raised about $1500 and the project is ongoing.

To order a bracelet, you can contact Wapsie Valley Elementary in Readlyn. You can also email Jacob directly by clicking here.

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