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Oil on stove blamed for Cedar Rapids house fire


The Cedar Rapids Fire Department says oil being heated on a stove is to blame for a house fire on Wednesday night.

Crews were called to 506 19th Street NE at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday for a kitchen fire.  When they arrived, firefighters were told by two men standing in the yard that there was a fire in the kitchen.

They were able to put out the small fire quickly and contained damage to the stove, microwave and cabinet above the stove.

Greg Buelow, Public Information Officer, says that Clayton Rush, 23, was heating up oil on the stove and then went outside.  A short time later, Rush and Christopher LeClere, 21, saw smoke coming from the kitchen.  When they went back inside, they saw flames coming from the pan and Rush tried to remove the burning pan from the house.

Buelow wants to remind people that cooking food should never be left unattended.

Buelow says that if oil does catch fire on the stove, you should carefully slide a lid over the pan, while wearing an oven mitt, to smother the fire. Then, turn off the burner and keep the pan covered until the oil cools to prevent it from starting again.

Buelow adds that if the oil has overflowed from the pan and ignites, get everyone out of the home and call the fire department from outside.

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