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Eastern Iowa Biggest Loser: Rochelle Wireman


Everyday for at least two hours, Rochelle Wireman is in the gym.

"In my mind I have to work out. I quit my job. In my mind I have to work out all the time," Wireman said.

Wireman's fixation on exercise and a healthy lifestyle has finally come after years of apathy.  The 46-year-old says until recently, her life was in a downward spiral following two failed marriages. Food became her comfort and her weight eventually ballooned to more than 300 pounds.

"I mean I would eat cake, cookies, fried chicken..whatever it was I was eating it, cause I was so depressed all the time and unhappy," Wireman said. "I got over 300 pounds. One day you look in the mirror--you're big, you know! I was like, how did I get so big!."

Wireman became motivated to lose weight when her mother, who was also overweight, lost a kidney and was forced to go on dialysis. Wireman wanted to undergo one of the weight reduction surgeries, but her doctors told her she would have to lose 40 pounds first!

So she found her way to the gym.

She began taking classes and working with trainers like Laura Marentic and the Glambition Challenge Last year at Gold's Gym in Waterloo.

With consistent exercise and a healthier diet, the excess weight began falling off.  Rochelle Wireman has lost 124 pounds in the last year.

Sometimes she gets emotional when she sees the old pictures of herself.

"I didn't know who I was. See I was talking to my sister and my mom. I thought I was like a monster - you know like beauty and the beast - I was like the beast. I felt so ugly," Wireman said.

But those days are long gone. Today Rochelle Wireman is happy because she feels good and she is inspiring others.

"I never thought I could, but I have motivated a lot of people. They say you know what I'm doing it, and it's like I've never had that before. I never motivated anyone in my life. It makes me feel good that I am doing that for others," Wireman said. "I want to keep going and I want to fight for myself and for my family and others so I can get better and stronger. I don't want to go back to where I used to be."

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