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Iowa soldier laid to rest more than 60 years after his death


More than 60 years after an Iowa soldier's death, his remains finally have been laid to rest next to his parents.

For decades, Sgt.  First Class Edris Arthur Viers was a soldier missing in action.

Finally he returns to his hometown of Swan, Iowa.

Viers went missing in action on August 12, 1950 in the bloody gulch massacre.

His family never heard from him again.

"We`re a close knit family, and it seems like over the years something has been missing something wasn`t right ," Jerry Viers said.

The family clung to pictures to keep Sgt. Viers memory alive, while those who fought with him that day, will never forget the horror, and the violence.

"I have trouble dealing with it," Charles Garrett said.

Charles Garrett was one of the last people to see Sgt. Viers alive.

Stuck in a riverbed for three days surrounded by the enemy, Garrett says Sgt. Veirs was one of the first lead a charge against the North Korean people's army.

"Being a sergeant first class… [he] was the first to go he got hit as we went over the knoll," Garrett said.

Of the 100 troops in his unit, only half came back that day.

The fate of the rest, remained a mystery for more than half a century.

The Des Moines Register says that the u-s department of defense was able to identify Viers thanks to  testing along with x-ray and shoe size comparisons.

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