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Health Plus: Apps helping eastern Iowans get healthy


The explosion of technology through smart phones and tablets means eastern Iowans are now using apps to get healthy. 

In Health Plus, how staying on track with diet and exercise is a download away.

If TV has made you a couch potato, your smart phone may be the answer to getting you back on the fitness track.

 "I started with My Fitness Pal. Basically, I have a wedding coming up and the entire wedding party is on it and then you can add friends so then you can track and make sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to be doing everyday," said Kate Eberle who works out at Covenant Medical Center's Wellness Center at Kimball Ridge.

Thanks to countless applications or apps now available on smart phones and tablets, doing things like tracking calories or exercising output was never easier.

 "So it's not just any Joe Blow out there creating these apps. They're giving their expertise so you're getting really good quality information from these apps," said Sheri Purdy with Covenant Wellness Center.

Information that used to be accessible only by book or home computer can now easily be located when you're on the go.

"I'm on my phone every day. That app is right there on the front and so I see it everyday which is a reminder. Takes all of 30 seconds to say this is what I had for lunch. I'm held more accountable because I have my friends on there using it and so we do get after each other and say you didn't log-in last week at all," said Kate.

"It's easy access. Instead of paying for a personal trainer they realized, hey I have this iPhone I can just call my personal trainer up instantly and find out what I need to do today," said Purdy.

The good thing, many of these apps are free to download.

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