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Waterloo family pleas for stolen memories to be returned


Benjamin Shulca is almost 2 years old, and his baby sister Eva is almost 2 months old. Sadly, many of their first memories are now gone, stolen from the family vehicle.

"For me it's devastating because it's all gone right now," said Samantha Shulca.

Samantha Shulca said when the video camera and camera went missing on Saturday, April 7th, the family was shopping at Crossroads Center in Waterloo.

A bag with the cameras was on the passenger side floor. Shulca said they were parked in two spots. One near Catherine's and another spot near Sears.

The Shulcas didn't realize the cameras were missing until Easter when they wanted to take pictures and video of the children looking for eggs.

"So I looked everywhere. It was gone," said Shulca.

There didn't appear to be any damage to the vehicle, but the Shulcas did file a report with the Waterloo Police Department. All they want is the memory cards inside the cameras returned.

"It's all gone. They can keep the cameras. I don't care about the material things. It's just the memories for me, that's priceless," she said.

Samantha Shulca said the stolen cameras contain a video of the birth of her daughter, video of her son and husband playing and pictures of Benjamin meeting Eva for the first time.

She hopes someone can help her get those memories back.

"Be compassionate and see she has two children and most pictures are of the children and the birth of my daughter," said Samantha Shulca.

Samantha Shulca doesn't want the cameras back, nor does she want to press charges. She just wants to be able to share the pictures and videos with her children as they get older.

If you have any information on the stolen cameras, contact police. Or, you can drop the memory cards off at KWWL for Danielle Wagner with no questions asked.

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