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Pig on the way to market gets second chance


This is the story of one very lucky pig, who was headed to market when she bounced off a rig.

"They're just lucky to survive when they fall off, and usually a broken leg like this on a market pig is pretty much a death sentence unfortunately," Laura Nicholls with the Animal Rescue League said.

Her exit from the truck was the first stroke of luck. But then, a kind woman found her and scooped her right up.

"She contacted some local shelters and they didn't really do anything with market pigs," Nicholls said.

So, a friend suggested the woman contact the Des Moines' ARL, where the pig received proper surgery.

"So, we did find somebody, Dr. Taylor up in Cedar Falls," Nicholls said.

And a proper name, as well.

"That's kind of why I named her Olivia, 'cause it's a story book," she said.

But in order for there to be a happy ending to this tale, Olivia must regain her strength by pretending to be a whale.

"I was like 'A pig in a swimming pool?  How are we going to pull this off?'" Dr. Anil Regmi with the Urban Pet Hospital and Resort said.

Yes, a pig in a pool! Have you ever heard something so silly? When they explain the water takes the weight off, it makes sense, really.

"I'm really surprised the way she is doing it for the first time," Dr. Regmi said.

Dr. Regmi said one day Olivia will be running. In a few weeks she'll be out and about.

"The way I am seeing. The way she is doing, I don't have any doubt," Dr. Regmi said.

How nice for Olivia to take a dip, after all the stress she has taken.

"She has a wonderful story about everything that she has been through," Nicholls said.

How nice that some people see her as more than sausage and bacon.

"Yes. Iowa. We do care about our pigs," Dr. Regmi said.


Olivia was discovered on the side of a road in Nebraska.

Dr. Regmi typically puts injured dogs on that submerged treadmill.

He said in about fifteen to twenty more sessions, Olivia should be as good as new.

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