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Some see "hidden agenda" in Cedar Falls Comprehensive Plan


What will you see when you drive into Cedar Falls 10, 20, even 30 years from now? City leaders are working to figure that out -- with the first Comprehensive Plan, of this length, since the 1970s.

"We need to brush off the dust and spiderwebs and get a good vision for the future of the city," said Cedar Falls City Planner Marty Ryan.

The plan calls for a change to the city's zoning ordinance, making room for main street-style neighborhoods, more parks, recreation trails, and increased diversity. But Tea Party activist Judd Saul believes, the plan reads more like a cookie-cutter, liberal agenda.

"The plan is designed by very few, who have very left-leaning agendas," said Saul.

Saul spoke to a small crowd Thursday night, wanting to warn them about Cedar Falls' involvement in the "International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives", a group representing 1220 communities in 70 countries formed at the United Nations.

"The UN back in 1991, developed a plan for all cities to abide by the same standards. The state wasn't moving fast enough, congress wasn't moving fast enough. So they decided -- what's the best way to get in? And they got in through the local governments and started this organization to get their agenda across and planned," said Saul.

"There seems to be a theory out there that there's some sort of UN agenda that's helping to guide and promote a certain comprehensive plan format," Ryan noted. "That idea is alien to us. That is an unknown concept. We're not associated with the UN, and the UN has no influence upon the citizens of Cedar Falls making decisions about their future."

Saul is also concerned about a deadline in place before the council formally approves a plan in May.

"I interpreted it as -- speak now, or forever hold your peace. Because once you pass something and it gets in the government and they start planning around it. They start zoning, the ordinances, it's going to be incredibly hard to undo," said Saul.

But Ryan says, the plan can, and likely will change, even after its adopted.

"The vision really does not emanate from this office, per se. We put some ideas out there. But we want the community to react and give us their vision," Ryan added.

Click here to view the 2020 Comprehensive Plan for Cedar Falls.

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