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Virtual masks improve firefighting


New technology could soon give firefighters "bionic" vision and that could make life-threatening situations less dangerous.  

This new high-tech mask gives first responders data about their surroundings.

It's a vision of the future inventor Joseph Juhnke is trying to finally bring to life.

"I didn't see it. A whole bunch of great authors saw it. Science-fiction authors are fabulous in that they get to make this stuff up, and we get to make it happen," Juhnke said.

It gives firefighters information everywhere they look.

"Our job is really to kind of give them back their senses. All they have to do is put it on, and it is displayed," Juhnke said.

Firefighters will be able to see oxygen levels, temperatures and exit paths. It will even allow them to see what's happening with the rest of their team.

Firefighters in the Savannah Department said they think this technology has made a big difference in the way they attack fires.

"Absolutely. To be able to see, and then be able to also not only see where I'm at, but to communicate with team members, that's a big relief," Steven Floyd of the Savannah Fire Department said.

Technology that could be just the beginning.



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