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UPDATE: Johnson County attorney drops charges against parents of kidnapping suspect

Xuefan Tang Xuefan Tang
Li Qiao Li Qiao
Peng Tang Peng Tang

Johnson County Attorney Janet Lyness has dropped the charges of witness tampering that were filed against the parents of a kidnapping suspect.

Earlier this month, Xuefan Tang and Li Qiao were arrested and charged with witness tampering after police say they had tried to get the victim in their son's case to change her story.

Their son, Peng Tang, is charged with kidnapping and sexual abuse after police say he locked a woman in a bedroom and sexually assaulted her while she was showing Tang the apartment she was trying to sublease.

Lyness says that while their is probable cause to charge them, she believes cultural differences contributed to their actions.

"I believe that Mr. Tang's parents were doing what they believed was right to help their son, but did not understand the repercussions of such behavior under Iowa law," Lyness said in a written statement.

Lyness conferred with the victim and the Iowa City Police Department before filing the dismissal and says they agreed.

Lyness adds that she doesn't believe the victim is in any danger due to the dismissal of these charges.

Peng Tang was charged with witness tampering and solicitation to commit an aggravated misdemeanor after police say he sent a letter from jail on April 4 asking his friend to find the victim in his case and get her to change her story.  Those charges have not been dropped.

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