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Four day old baby survives weekend tornado


One couple had just welcomed their first child just one day before the tornado ripped the roof off Creston's Greater Regional Medical Center.

Gracie, now four days old, is Creston's smallest tornado survivor.

Amanda Rupp, Gracie's mother, said she was 6 pounds, 9 ounces and 19 inches long when she was born Friday.

"The minute I look out the window [I] was like 'Wow!"' David Rupp, Gracie's father, said.

"You got the pressure in your ears, the window started doing the sucking in and out thing, the window cracked then the lights went out. You know it was like you were on a train," Amanda Rupp said.

David Rupp said he knew he had to stay calm. His time in Afghanistan taught him that.

He said nothing could prepare him for what happened Saturday.

"I have never been that scared ever. I mean I've had some pretty scary moments, but nothing like that. That was definitely the heart pumping, everything, just, never had anyone else to worry about in a situation like that," David Rupp said.

"I just thought about Gracie the whole time because I had her in my arms so I was just thinking about her every second," Amanda Rupp said.

It took hours before they got the all clear. Once that happened, Mom, Dad and baby were rushed to the hospital in Corning.

"Once we got to corning was when I was fully relaxed and was like 'OK, this is going to be OK,'" Amanda Rupp said.

Little Gracie rode out the storm in her parents' arms, not a care in the world.

"She stayed asleep the whole time," David Rupp said.

"It was pretty loud. I don't know how she slept through it," Amanda Rupp said.

Not even the ripping of roofs, breaking of glass, or smashing of cars, including theirs, woke her up, her parents said.

"It makes you think if you know if you are really superstitious or not. Are you? I am now I wasn't before," Amanda Rupp said.

But their Friday the 13th baby brought them good luck.

"If you just sit there and think about it, I mean if we had been 15 yards down the hallway no one would be alive probably," David Rupp said.

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