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SYSK: Reading and Spelling whiz Alex Glascock

Four area students were recently crowned state spelling bee champions through the Knights of Columbus. They are fourth grader Megan Smith, fifth grader Alex Glascock, sixth grader Brandon Nelson, and seventh grader Alexis Hahn.

But, Alex Glascock's win stands out just a little bit more than the others because she won while competing against students two years older than her.

Eight-year-old Alex Glascock is no stranger to words. Her mom said she knew all her letters and numbers by 18 months.

"By two and a half she started reading and not just a little bit of reading, but books, chapter books," said Stacy Glascock.

At age five, Alex was reading at a fourth grade level. She skipped kindergarten and part of second grade. She loves to read, and she thinks reading is the main reason she's such a good speller.

"I read the words, I see the word and my brain thinks about the word. So I remember the word a little better," said Alex Glascock.

The fifth grader, who should really by a third grader according to age, just won several spelling bees.

First, Alex won the area spelling bee. Then, the regional spelling bee. Finally, the state spelling bee in Ames.

"It would just amaze us every time she would win. And we got to the finals and she won that one, too. I got nervous at the end," said Stacy Glascock.

Alex remembers the winning word.

"It was resemblance. R-e-s-e-m-b-l-a-n-c-e," she said.

She even taught me a new word.


I had to look it up, but yes, it's spelled correct. It means fear of long words.

Besides reading and spelling, the Malcolm Price Lab student is also good at math and she plays the piano and flute.

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