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SYSK: Cascade H.S. drama director Bob Davidshofer


Cascade High School students are putting the finishing touches on this year's musical, Anything Goes.

Watching closely during rehearsal is long-time drama director, Bob Davidshofer. He retired from teaching six years ago, but he continues to coach boys and girls cross country and direct the school's fall play and spring musical.

"I think it keeps you young when you're involved with high school kids like this," said Bob Davidshofer.

"He's a legend around here. He's been here so long, and he's really a good role model. Everybody knows and loves what he does, so he's great," said student Callie Leytem.

This is Bob Davidshofer's 100th production and his 50th musical.

"I've been saying this is the last for five or six years. I think this will be the last, but I've learned never to say never," he said.

"He means a lot to the community and the students. So he's leaving behind something, if he chooses to, he's leaving behind something great and he's definitely made something out of his time coaching here," said Leytem.

While Davidshofer may or may not be done after this musical, his long-time vocal director is retiring this year.

"Bob and I, I think we have a great respect for each other and we really enjoy the arts and the performing arts," said vocal director Junelle Benter.

Bob Davidshofer first got involved with theater when he was at Loras College in Dubuque. When he moved to the Cascade area to teach, he said he just fell into the role of drama director.

"The second year I taught the person who was the drama director left, and I said I'd try it for few years, well it's 50 years," said Davidshofer.

"Coach" --as the students call him-- said he couldn't put on such memorable plays and musical each year without a great support staff.and committed students.

"I think the best thing I've learned from Coach is even though you may not have a speaking role, you're still important to the show," said Callie Leytem.

As Bob Davidshofer sits and watches his students, possibly for one of the last times, he hopes he leaves them with an appreciation for the arts.

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