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Murder weapons shown to jury in Petersen murder trial


The murder weapons were put on display for the jury in the Thomas Petersen murder trial in Butler County.

Thomas Petersen is accused of killing his wife Renee. The defense isn't denying he was involved, but they say he was drunk at the time and her death was not premeditated.

Disturbing picture from the murder scene and pictures from the autopsy were shown to the jury. The pictures from the murder scene showed blood on the outside of the house on the front porch. It makes it appear that Renee Petersen was trying to get away from her attacker but was pulled back inside the home.

One of the first witnesses to take the stand was Amanda Kilgore, an agent with the Division of Criminal Investigation. Kilgore investigated the murder scene and took the pictures that were shown to the jury.

"Those show directionality coming up to the area of being on the step or right on the front door," said Kilgore when describe one picture of the front of the house.

Kilgore also showed the jury the knives found on the kitchen floor. One was a filet knife and another was a chef knive. A third knife was found in a pool of blood.

"It was covered in blood and hairs, which is dried now, but this was the condition with the bent blade when we collected it at the scene," said Kilgore.

A DCI agent who went to talk to Petersen in South Dakota shortly after he was arrested told the jury about a conversation he had with the accused.

"He said something to the effect of, ‘Yes, like I told them,' kind of pointing at the police officers around, ‘a twelve gage to the chest,'" said Special Agent Chris Callaway.

The last witness of the day was Dr. Dennis Kline, the Deputy State Medical Examiner who performed the autopsy on Renee Petersen. Kline says Renee suffered 129 cuts and stab wounds. Several of the stab wounds would have been fatal on their own.

"There is blood loss and the amount of blood was not compatible with life," said Kline.

The trial will reconvene Monday at 9:00 a.m. in Allison. It's expected to wrap up around mid-week.

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