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Video of Petersen arrest played for jury


The murder trial of Thomas Peterson continued in Butler County Thursday. Petersen is charged with first degree murder in the death of his wife Renee.

In the opening statements the prosecution said Thomas Petersen brutally murdered his wife by using three knives and cause 129 cuts and stab wounds.

The defense does not deny that Petersen killed his wife, but they say he was drunk at the time and the murder was not premeditated.

The prosecution continued to call witnesses to the stand on Thursday. One of the first of the day was Thomas Petersen's sister Kelly Svebeck. Svebeck who lives in Arkansas didn't talk to her brother often, but kept in contact with Renee Some of the communication was through text messaging.

In a text message, Renee told Svebeck that Thomas had threatened her. In the text, Renee said, "He was going to go to funeral in two weeks, and it wasn't his."

The defense asked Svebeck about Petersen's past mental health issues.

"He punched out a car window and he tried to slit his wrists with the pieces of glass. He attempted to throw himself out a second floor of our apartment," said Svebeck.

Assistant Attorney General Doug Hammerand trying to reinforce the fact that Renee Petersen didn't feel safe around her husband.

"Yes she did tell me she had removed all of the guns from the house," said Svebeck.

In the afternoon a South Dakota State Trooper took the stand. The dash cam video of Petersen's confrontation with police before his arrest was shown to the jury. Petersen was finally tased and arrested.

This morning a South Dakota Park Ranger was called to the stand. He was the first to find Thomas Petersen after the Amber Alert went out. He told the jury that after Petersen was taken into custody that he said hoped one of the officers had an itchy trigger finger.

The trial is expected to last until Wednesday of next week.

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