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SYSK: Long-time Edgewood-Colesburg teacher Ann Glime


Ann Glime works at the Edgewood-Colesburg Elementary School in Colesburg.

For about 35 years, she's worked with children with special needs.

"My mom suggested it when I was in high school. I was going to be a home economist, but she said you really like kids, why don't you go into teaching. So I did," said Ann Glime.

Glime mostly works with junior kindergarten through third graders with a variety of special needs.

"I have children that are autistic, have down syndrome, dyslexic," she said.

Through the years, Glime said how she works with her students has changed. First, she's incorporated more technology. Also, she doesn't just work with students in her classroom anymore. She has individual settings, small group settings and she co-teaches in homeroom classrooms.

"They really do learn a lot more than just being isolated. Their expectations are similar to their peers and it pushes us to push them a little harder," said Glime.

As a special education teacher, Glime must put together Individualized Educational Programs or IEPs for her students.

She's required to include the parents, but Glime goes the extra mile when it comes to the teacher-parent relationship.

"I do lots of phone calls. Try to make sure they're comfortable so they feel part of the child's education," said Ann Glime.

The school principal said Ann is often at school on the weekends, going above and beyond for her students.

"We're fortunate to have her on staff here. She's a very caring individual. Every child she comes in contact with is blessed to have her," said Colesburg Elementary Principal Paul Wenger.

To continue to help her students grow each year, Ann Glime regularly attends classes and conferences. In fact, she's attending a conference on dyslexia during the month of April.

She said she'll always learn new techniques and work hard for every student in her classroom.

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