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Easter sales are up


Americans are expected to spend nearly $17 billion on Easter this year. That covers clothing, candy, dinner, decorations, and other items. It works out to an average of a $145.28 per consumer according to a survey from the National Retail Federation. More than nine thousand people were polled last month.

Consumers are expected to spend 11 percent more than last year, but some are not following the trend.

"I'm spending less on Easter this year," said shopper, April Klein.

Klein says Easter isn't about buying things for your kids. It has a deeper religious meaning for her and her family.

"I have to two children and I plan on getting them a Bible each and I plan maybe a little bit of candy and that's what I plan on buying and no more than 15 dollars per kid," Klein.

Easter shopper Kelly Moore says she's going to spend about the same as last year. She's buying for twin girls and expects to spend about $20 on each of them.

"I think people are going crazy with holidays in general. I think we're losing the meaning of what Easter is and I think by spending down a little bit you can just rewind and not overwhelm kids with it's a time for gifts and toys. It might be, but on a smaller scale."

It's not just the candy and clothes that make up all these sales. The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend $5.1 billion just on Easter meals and that's about $45 per adult.

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