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AAUP professor says UNI is financially strong


The UNI Faculty Union has an expert to help make its case that academic cuts are unnecessary.

According to Eastern Michigan University professor Howard Bunsis, UNI is not in any financial danger and he says these cuts are not needed.

Bunsis says the university is in a strong financial position to handle the lack of funds coming from the state, but he does agree, the state needs to increase appropriations to UNI.

Bunsis worked with UNI in the past when he discussed the school's finances in 2010.
He has also helped the faculty during some recent negotiations.  He says all of his research points to a strong financial position for UNI.

"First, the university is in strong financial condition.  That goes against most of what the public believes.  Many of the public, students, faculty think the university is broke or close to broke. That is totally untrue.  This university as confirmed by the arbitrators and bond rating agencies is doing very well financially."

UNI administrators were invited to hear Bunsis speak on campus Thursday night.

"I hope they say, 'Ya know what, we really need to preserve the core academic position here.'" 

Bunsis is chair of the AAUP's Collective Bargaining Congress and is an expert on higher education finances.

This comes as the AAUP plans a review of UNI this summer, which could lead to censure... considered a "black mark" for higher learning institutions.

Meanwhile, the University of Northern Iowa has offered a rebuttal to many claims that have arisen in response to their budget saving plan.  You can read them here.


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