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Eastern Iowa "grannies" to be on "The Doctors"


Two sisters who played basketball for the Granny Basketball League will be on the show "The Doctors," which airs on KWWL.

Four of five sisters regularly play on the Center Point Model T Team, and the fifth joins when she visits from California.

Marjorie Beatty and Arlene Wear flew to California Wednesday for an interview on Thursday.

They will be talking about being active as you age, specifically their involvement with Granny Basketball.

It's a story we actually brought you a few years ago on KWWL.

In a 2010 interview, Wear explained how they got involved.

"Well, I went with a neighbor just to watch them play and I called my sisters and said, 'Would you like to play Granny Basketball?' Oh sure. So we have four of us on this team," Wear said.

Her sister, Dolores Rawson, told us more about their experience over the phone Wednesday.

"It was just so much fun. Who would have ever thought that me, being 86, that I would still be playing, but it's just been such a fun ride," Rawson said.

Rawson also said for their family, it's a game with many emotions attached.

"We all played basketball at Norway High School, and my dad died at a basketball game watching the two younger daughters play," Rawson said.  "He had a heart attack so for a while they were sort of negative against playing because it always brought back sad memories."

To hear more of their story, tune into "The Doctors."

KWWL is still waiting to hear back from the show's producers on when the episode will air.

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