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LFTB products will have label soon


You will soon see beef products carry labels in some stores if it contains "Lean Finely Textured Beef."

The head of Beef Products, Incorporated says this voluntary labeling is an important first step to restore consumer confidence.

In a statement to KWWL,  BPI head Rich Jochum said this:

"While ground beef is a single ingredient product (beef) and lean finely textured beef therefore is not required to be listed separately on any label, we believe USDA's decision to allow company's to voluntarily include information on their label regarding LFTB content will be an important first step in restoring consumer confidence in their ground beef.  Based upon the numerous taste panel studies conducted using BPI's lean beef and strong consumer preference for ground beef that contains our LFTB, we feel this development will allow more customers to provide options to consumers and pave the way for BPI's lean beef to re-establish its place in the market."

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