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SYSK: Young author gets first book published

Week In My Knees is the first book written by Willow Evans to be published.

"I got into writing once I found out how creative it was. I realized my personality tied into it, because I like to tell my opinions, so I thought writing was the best way to do it," said Evans.

This book started as a school project when the students were told to free write. Willow developed her story into a full chapter book. But she's not stopping there. She has plans for two more books to be part of the "Surrounding Scarlett" series.

In the books, Scarlett is torn between two men and she communicates with a ghost from a past life.

"I don't want people to expect a classic boy girl story, because it's a romance but it's also tied into murder and paranormal," said Evans.

Willow Evans said it took her one year to write the book. Then it was published by Just Fiction Edition.

Week is spelled w-e-e-k because it takes place during a week's time.

"It's snappy for people who like to not know what's coming. It's sort of like a teen romance, but it has the language of an adult romance," she said.

The 13-year-old uses A. Willow Evans as her pen name because Autumn is her first name, but she prefers to go by her middle name, Willow. She said she's known since fifth grade she wants a career as an author.

"I've always wanted to be an author. Getting this published is the most amazing thing that's happened in my life so far," said Willow Evans.

Willow plans to keep writing, and after high school she wants to go to Syracuse University to study writing and literature.

Week In My Knees isn't available in stores, but it is available online. It costs $15. Again, it does contain some language of an adult romance.

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