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Health Plus: Allergy relief without medication


Warmer weather means pollen counts are up earlier than normal, so you know what that means allergy season is in full swing.

Not good news; especially for parents with children who suffer through sniffles and sneezes.

In Health Plus, what you can do to get some allergy relief for your family.

Ella Strand does not like dealing with allergies.

"I don't feel good," she said.

The 6-year-old from Maynard had symptoms severe enough for mom to take her to the doctor.

"They were really similar to flu symptoms or even strep throat symptoms because she had the itchy throat and the drainage in the back of her throat. Her ears are always hurting or itchy," said her mom, Angi Strand.

Doctor Ben Davidson with Covenant Clinic says allergy relief can come from more than medications.

"Keeping the humidity in the house around 40 to 50 percent. Anything lower and you can get dry nose and dry throat. Anything higher then the mold and dust mites grow. Another thing, keep the windows closed and keep the air conditioner on or the heat on, although set it at levels that will at least be able to pull out all the moisture in the air," he said.

So when do allergy symptoms warrant a trip to the doctor?

"If they're having problems with daytime sleepiness or nighttime cough or it becomes something that they're complaining of fairly often then it tends to mean there's some room for improvement," he added.

Ella's mom says a pediatrician's advice made all the difference for her family.

"Dr. Davidson explained it's more of paying attention to all things in her environment whether it's the weather or the flowers keeping her environment friendly," she said. 

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