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Iowa DOT to start license plate replacement cycle


The Iowa Department of Transportation will begin a 10-year license plate replacement cycle on April 2.

While the design of Iowa's license plates will remain the same, the DOT will begin replacing license plates that are more than 10 years old and have become faded, worn or damaged.

The DOT will implement a "rolling" replacement cycle so that money is not wasted replacing plates that don't need to be replaced. 

Here is the schedule the DOT has laid out:

• 2012: Plates originally issued in 1996 and 1997 will be replaced.
• 2013: Plates originally issued in 1998 through 2003 will be replaced.
• 2014: Plates issued in 2004 will be replaced.
• After 2014: Plate replacement will be on a rolling 10-year cycle.

The current design was first issued in 1997, which is the last time the state did a plate re-issue.  In 1999, the raised letter and number version was replaced with a flat letter and number version.  Recently, the state did change the color of the text on the standard plates from blue to black, which they say makes them easier to read. 

Specialty plates will be replaced with the current version of the same plate, but with a different alpha-numeric sequence. Personalized plates will be replaced with the same personalized alpha-numeric sequence

You will be notified that your plates are due for replacement in your annual renewal notice.  There is no charge for the replacement plates if you renew at your county treasurer's office, but if you have them mailed to you, you will be charged a mailing fee of $3.00 per set of plates. 

If you would rather replace all of your plates at one time rather than waiting for each set to be due for replacement, you must pay the $5.00 plate replacement fee for each set. 

You are not required to turn in your old plates, but you can if you wish.  You are asked to recycle your old plates if you do not turn them into your treasurer's office. 

The DOT also says that the current three number-three letter sequence will soon reach the maximum number of possible combinations and they will switch to a reverse system, three letters followed by three numbers.

If you have questions, please contact your county treasurer's office.

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