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SYSK: Waukon student supports "The Water Project"


Alex Marti is an eighth grade student at Waukon Junior High. More than a month ago, she was inspired to fundraise for "The Water Project."

"The Christian-based organization raises money to build wells in Africa where the water is dirty and the children get sick and they die from it and they miss school from being sick so often," said Alex Marti.

Alex's inspiration came from one of her teachers.

Last year, Julie Askelson took a trip to Panama with Operation Safe Drinking Water. Askelson gave a presentation to her students about the trip, peaking Alex's curiosity.

"I just wanted to learn more about that type of thing, and I found The Water Project, and I was really interested in that," said Marti.

Alex decided to fundraise to help build a well at a school in Africa.

"When Alex came to me and said I was her inspiration, that validated my whole educational career. It's like wow. This is what education is about, and what a standardized test can't measure," said teacher Julie Askelson.

Alex helped organize several school-wide fundraisers.

"We did change for change in homerooms. Where every home room would see how much change we could accumulate, and we had a winning homeroom with about $700," said Marti.

And the junior high teachers all chipped in to buy these t-shirts and donated them to Alex to sell that way all the profits go directly to "The Water Project."

"It really took the support of everyone to get it accomplished," said Alex Marti.

The 14-year-old said she never thought her idea would go this far.

"I was really passionate so I did it, took a chance and it worked out so it was great," said Marti.

The original goal was $2,000 and with some t-shirts and bracelets left to sell, the junior high and high school students have already raised more than $2,100.

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