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Professors and students react to approved program cuts


Administrators at UNI say despite the cuts, students already enrolled in programs marked for closure will be allowed to graduate with that degree, but people taking classes question how tough that will be.

The French program is like many that will cut. There are three professors, two will stay to teach the entry level French classes and one professor will be cut.

Right now there are 61 students in this program.

Anne Lair is one of three professors who teach French at UNI Only two have been working full- time since the spring of 2010. Lair has been working at UNI since 2003, but says she has the least experience and will have to find something else.

"We have given them wonderful instruction. I personally feel it's been a great experience, but finishing the load we've noticed our students are very sad. They've been impacted by that," said Lair.

"I'm actually going to look at other schools this weekend," said UNI Sophomore, Sarah Kuhn.

Kuhn is a French and English teaching major. She is worried class sizes will increase and the university will bring in adjunct professors so students will be able to finish their courses.

"It makes me incredibly worried that quality of education could go down and we could be taught by temps for the next two or three years," said Kuhn.

Other students are also worried about the program and the university's future.

"Now cutting foreign languages is kind of scary. I don't see how we can claim to be a diverse university if we are cutting the foreign languages," said UNI Senior, Kasandra Kahler.

"I already know people that we're looking at UNI, but now they're not it's not even on their radar anymore," said UNI Junior, Olivia Randolph.

"We're excellent at what we do and students came here for that reason. Putting someone who has no passion, no experience to replace us is a big danger," said Lair.

Professor Lair says this whole process has been rushed through. She says other universities have taken years to implement similar cuts, not just months.


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