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Waterloo rules of the reptiles

Last Friday, Waterloo Animal Control took reptiles from a home in the 200 block of E. 9th Street in Waterloo.

Workers recovered 53 snakes and one lizard. Out of all the snakes there were three boa constrictors and one python that were illegal to be in the city of Waterloo

So, what reptiles are legal to have in city limits?

"That would be rat snakes, milk snakes, corn snakes," said Maria Tiller, Waterloo code enforcement officer.

Tiller knows her snakes. Not because she necessarily enjoys them but because it's her job, just in case of an incident like Friday.

"When we went into the second room the snakes were all laid out. They were all very well taken care of except for the fact there were 17 snakes in the one room," said Tiller.

Tiller noticed some of the snakes violated city code. At that point, the objective was to get those snakes out of the house.

"We realized in the closet there was several more snakes and so getting to looking at the containers where the snakes were kept and the labels that were on there gave me pretty much what I needed."

Tiller ended up citing the tenants for selling snakes out of their home without a license.

According to code enforcement, here is what you can have in the city of Waterloo:

"Constricting snakes whose adult length is less than six feet, an specifically limited to corn snakes, king snakes, ribbon snakes, rat snakes, milk snakes, rosy boas, and ball pythons."

Tiller says when you plan to buy a snake make sure you check what kind of snake you can actually have in your home. Each city is different.

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