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Dubuque baby born early, in time for Leap Day

Parents Kristin and Jesse Burkle gaze at their Leap Day baby Jacey. Parents Kristin and Jesse Burkle gaze at their Leap Day baby Jacey.

Every mother and father thinks their baby is one in a million, but statistically speaking, Jacey Burkle is one in 1,461. That's the odds of being born on February 29.

"Yeah, we beat the odds," her mother Kristin Burkle said. "We knew she was special when she was born on this day."

"Always a miracle I guess, no matter what," Jacey's father Jesse Burkle said.

Their newest daughter's birthday took the Dubuque couple by surprise, with a due date of March 3.

"Yeah, I noticed the calendar when we found out the due date, and I thought, 'Oh, there's a possibility it could be on a leap year,'" Kristin Burkle said.

Early Wednesday morning, however, Burkle knew today was the day her daughter wanted to be born.

"I'm like, 'Well, it's two in the morning. I'm pretty sure this is going to be a leap year baby,'" Burkle said.

At 11:33 in the morning, Jacey arrived.

"She was nine pounds, nine ounces," her mother said.

Despite being on the larger size, as far as babies go, Burkle said this was a simpler leap into life than the couple's twin girls she delivered more than two years ago.

"A little easier pushing one out than two," she said Wednesday in her room at Mercy Medical Center in Dubuque, while cradling Jacey.

Leap year or not, time stood still when Kristin Burkle held her new daughter.

"Got choked up and, yeah, just a very special moment," she said.

It was a special moment with her Leap Day baby.

"I guess not many people can say that," she said.

On another side of town, at Dubuque's driver's license office, 16-year-old Jacob Roth leaped into independence.

"Getting my license," he said, meaning he gets, "to drive by myself and not have my parents next to me."

He passed, though he turned 16 on February 28, narrowly saving him some waiting later in life, as the office's lead worker Angie Owen explained.

"Someone born on a leap year, their expiration date on their license actually shows March first," she said.

That applies for license renewal and turning 21.

"It would be March first, right," she said.

In Iowa, a person between the ages of 18 and 70 must renew their driver's license every five years, Owen said. For somebody born on February 29, the every-five-years expiration date and their Leap Year birthday don't often line up.

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