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Closing Price Lab worries College Hill neighbors


Price Lab has an impact on students, parents, future teachers, and the university. It also has an impact on the surrounding neighborhood. People who live nearby are worried once the school closes, families will move out and the neighborhood will fall apart.

The College Hill neighborhood has made major strides in the past couple years with a new streetscape, banners, and all around friendlier look. The College Hill Partnership has been leading the charge.

The president of this organization, Chris Martin, has a vested interest in this neighborhood.

"I actually live in the College Hill neighborhood, I work in the College Hill neighborhood at UNI, and I actually have a daughter who goes to Price Lab School as well," said Martin.

A university lab school has been a part of the neighborhood for more than 100 years and is one of the major reasons families choose to live here.

"Price Lab School has been one of the major stakeholders in the College Hill Partnership. Students have done a number of projects. They have helped us with events and provided art work for our kiosk. They have helped do radon testing in members' houses. Just really interesting projects like that," said Martin.

The neighborhood that surrounds Price Lab School is made up about 60% college students and 40% families. People who live here say they like that percentage right around the 50% mark and they hope that it stays that way.

Martin says he understands that cuts need to be made, but hopes the legislature makes funding UNI a priority. The cuts could have a bigger impact than most could imagine.

"We've made a lot of progress to that extent, but I would hate to see any rollback because of Price Lab School closing," said Martin.

Members of the College Hill Partnership are also concerned there is no future plan for the Price Lab School building. They say an empty building wouldn't add to the neighborhood.

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