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Students raise awareness about puppy mills in Iowa


Sixth grade students at Blessed Sacrament School in Waterloo are raising awareness about puppy mills in Iowa.

"Iowa is second in the nation for puppy mills and there are some bad puppy mills but not all of them," said student Tayler Sanderson.

The students met with area legislators and veterinarians, asking them to support a bill with stronger regulations and enforcement of laws concerning puppy mills.

The commitment to stopping animal abuse started as a service learning project. The students apply what they learn in class to the real world.

"We do know not all puppy mills are bad, but many the main objective is to breed and make a profit. We're not against anybody making a profit, but do it respectfully," said Carol Luce with Cedar Valley Catholic Schools.

The students learned there are at least 350 puppy mills in Iowa with at least 23,000 puppies. They said the animals recently seized from a reported puppy mill in Sac County is a prime example of what the proposed bill is trying to stop.

"You wouldn't abuse your best friend. So why would you have abuse of puppy mills in Iowa," said Sanderson.

The sixth graders got bad news. The bill on puppy mills, Senate File 2073, will not become law this year. But the students won't stop educating others.

"The students are planning to skype with other students in all the counties to raise awareness and have them become proactive students," said Carol Luce.

Even though the bill got stopped this year, the students said there's always next year.

"This is still an issue, and it's not going away and we'd like to see change," said Luce.

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